Course Description

The Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run (TD100) is conducted within the Cantonment Area of Fort Magsaysay in Palayan City in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The Fort Magsaysay is the largest military camp and reservation area of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and it is under the care and administration of the Philippine Army. The Cantonment Area caters for the Headquarters of the 7th Infantry Division; Special Operations Command of the Philippine Army; Philippine Army Artillery Regiment; and the Philippine Army Aviation Unit. The whole Military Reservation consist a land area of 48,060 Hectares.

The event’s route covers the paved and unpaved roads surrounding the Cantonment Area that connect the different villages in the area. It has a rolling terrain and most of the unpaved roads are used by four-wheeled vehicles. The composition of the unpaved road is a mixture of mud and gravel. Some portions have spillways for water streams which are passable to runners. This part of the route will cover the “big & outer” loop of the course. It has an estimated distance of 51 Kilometers.

The Fernandez Hill-Taklang Damulag Mountain Complex is where the route, which is called the “smaller & inner” loop, is located. One loop of this course has an estimated distance of 13.1 Kilometers. Most of the trails are single track with mud and slippery rocks. These trails cut across cogon grasses with sharp leaves and plants/vines with thorns on the sides of the trail. Water stream crossings and trees with exposed roots are plenty in this area. There are also portions where foliage is thick where runners would be disoriented on their direction, most especially during night time.

The race starts and ends in front of the Special Operations Headquarters.
The race consists of two loops of an 80+K-loop which consists of one (1) “big/outer” loop and two (2) loops of the “smaller/inner” loop at the Fernandez Hill-Taklang Damulag Mountain Complex before going back to the starting area. The total distance of one loop is 83.35 Kilometers. By going through in two (2) loops, the total distance of the event is 166.7 Kilometers.

The total change in elevation is 16,120 feet of ascent and descent. The highest elevation along the route is 1,270 feet.

The race has a cut-off time of 32 Hours. Runners must be able to reach the Fernandez Hill Aid Station for their last two (2) loops at Taklang Damulag Mountain not later than 24 Hours. Runners will not be allowed to continue the race if they don’t reach the Fernandez Hill within 24 hours. It means that runners must be able to reach Kilometer #134 in 24 hours to be able to continue the race up to the Finish Line.

(Note: TD100 Elevation Profile of 80+K-Loop Provided By Andre Blumberg)