Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fort Magsaysay

Fort Magsaysay is the biggest military camp in the Philippines. It is located in Nueva Ecija, one of the provinces in Central Luzon, north of Metro Manila. The distance of the cantonment area of the camp is about 125 kilometers from Manila.

The camp was named after former President Ramon Magsaysay who signed and promulgated the area as the premier camp of the Philippine Army. It was immeduately declared as the Home of the 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division of the Philippine Army. Due to its vastness, it also became the premier training area and military base for the Philippine Army's Artillery and Armor Regiments.

As the Special Forces of the Philippine Army was established and organized in the early 60s, its headquarters and training area found its way to the Molave Complex which is located South of the Cantonment Area.

During the Seccessionist Movement in the early 70s in the Southern Philippines, the 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division was transfered to Mindanao and the 7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division was created and established its Headquarters in the same camp as replacement to the former Division.

Later, the Special Operations Command was organized as the Command that administers the Scout Rangers Regiment and the Special Forces Regiment. The Special Operations Command of the Philippine Army established its Headquarters inside the Fort Magsaysay Complex.

Since then, the two Divisions, 7th Infantry Division and the Special Operations Command of the Philippine Army had been the "vanguards" of the vastness of Fort Magsaysay.

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